International Congress on Innovation
Regional Economic Development
Innovation • Economy • Environment • Public Management • S & T Policy
World is undergoing a time of considerable stress, change and in some sectors unprecedented growth. Much of the conventional Wisdom concerning theory of economic development is being challenged and thus it is all the more important to endeavor to elucidate what is taking place.
Regrettably the global economic crises are increasingly used as an excuse for poor performance at all levels thus limiting the search for routes out of it. It should not be seen as a destroyer but as a purifier, ensuring the survival and prosperity of the fittest. The world’s economic environment has changed and will be changing more than ever in years to come - innovation in all aspects (science, technology, finance, etc.), regional economic development have become paramount for sustainable competitive advantage.
The Challenge of economic development is one faced by all nationals and there is an extraordinary array of initiatives that are being put into place to act as 'economic pump primers'.
The IRED 2012 seeks to explore a wealth of issues related Innovation and Regional Economic Development, contributions should therefore be of interest to scholars, practitioners and researchers in management in tripartism of developed, developing and least developed countries targeting a worldwide readership.

The aims of this international congress are as follows:
    • Scientific and technological innovation;
    • Regional economic development and collaboration;
    • Environment protection policy for sustainable development;
    • Public administration and policy;
    • Policy for science and technology;

   December 2-4 2012
   East Campus of USTC, Hefei city, China

University of Science and Technology of China
Monash University

The School of Public Affairs, University of Science and Technology of China

Chinese Academy of Sciences
Anhui Provincial Government
National Intellectual Property Training (Anhui) Base
Anhui Copyright Education Center
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