Professor ZHANG Shulin (Co-Chair)

Professor Zhang got her first degree of Science in Biology at USTC in 1982. She works at University of Science and Technology of China as Vice President. Her main domains of research are academic degrees and postgraduate education evaluation; the reform and innovation of postgraduate-cultivating mechanism. She got an excellent management award of CAS in 2000.

Prof. Zhang is a member of the second and third National Engineering Master Education Steering Committee, a member of Liberal Arts and sciences committee of the third Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education, Vice Dean of the fourth Liberal Arts and sciences committee, and an Editor of Academic Degrees & Graduate Education.

She wrote over 50 academic papers published in the many GCJC journals such as China Higher Education, Academic Degrees & Graduate Education, China higher education evaluation, China Higher Education Research and 10 of those papers got prized.

Professor Mahendhiran NAIR (Co-Chair)

Professor Mahendhiran Nair holds a PhD specializing in Economics (Econometrics) (1996), a Master of Arts in Statistics (1991) and a Master of Arts in Economics (1990) from York University, Canada. He also holds a Bachelor of Science Honours in Mathematics from Brock University, Canada (1998).

Professor Mahendhiran Nair is the Deputy President (Strategy), Monash University, Sunway campus. He is also the Head of School at the School of Business, Monash University Sunway campus, Malaysia. He currently leads a research team at Monash University that studies the impact of ICT & innovation on competitiveness and sustainable economic development. Professor Nair has published his research work in leading international refereed journals and presented in international conferences. Professor Nair has been a Subject Matter Expert on the Knowledge Economy for key public policy organizations and think-tanks in Malaysia and the Middle East. His research interests and expertise are in the areas of Innovation Ecosystems, Information Modeling/Econometrics and Development Economics.