Call for Papers' Abstract

  You are kindly to invited to submit related fields abstracts of papers for presentation at International Congress on Innovation and Regional Economic Development. All submissions must comply with the following guidelines.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  - Paper and Abstract submission deadline: October 1, 2012

  - Paper and Abstract acceptance/rejection notification will be sent by October 1, 2012

  - Paper and Abstract must be written in ENGLISH. You must submit your paper and paper's abstract by email to

  - Abstracts cannot be submitted by fax, hard copy or email.

  - Abstract length must be within 2 papers of A4. The abstract must include:

      - Title,

      - Author names,

      - Affiliations,

      - Keywords,

      - Abstract,

      - Introction,

      - Methodology,

      - Results and policy impact/implications,

      - Conclusions, and

      - References.

  - Abstract that do not comply with the guidelines will not be accepted.

  - A notification will be emailed to the corresponding author only.