About University of Science and Technology of China(USTC)

University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) was established in Beijing in September 1958. Its establishment was regarded as a major event in China’s history of education and science. Since its very beginning, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) has adopted a policy of "running the university with resources of the entire CAS and integrating each of its department with relevant CAS research institutes."

Led by a group of most renowned Chinese scientists of the time, USTC set up a series of programs that creatively encompassed the frontiers of science and new technologies to meet the needs of the nation for developing science and technology. The University emphasizes the teaching of fundamental courses and provides its students with a wide range of high-level training that incorporated newly-emerging as well as interdisciplinary fields of study. Its high-quality education work, characterized by ground- breaking studies, combination of teaching and research and integration of theory with practice, has produced a large number of highly accomplished people and many significant, internationally-recognized, original research results.

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About Monash University Sunway Campus(MUSC)

Monash University Sunway Campus (MUSC) was established in 1998 on the invitation of the Malaysian Government. Nestled in heart of Bandar Sunway, MUSC is committed to providing students with a world class global education. One of the eight Monash campuses worldwide, MUSC is well positioned as a regional centre of educational and research excellence.

Research and scholarly activities are central to the mission of MUSC. One of our top priorities is to enhance the research culture through increased participation and engagement in high quality research with other universities and research institutions in Malaysia and the region.

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